A passing mention of travels and a desire to seem cool, morphed into six epic adventures across 30 countries on 4 continents. It's not complicated. An American girl met an Englishman in China, and decided to drive from London to Mongolia in a car meant for a grandmother. Then we returned home and realised an ordinary life was no longer possible, so we signed up for another, and after that - when no convenient adventures could be joined - we made up our own...


Meg has always fancied herself a world traveler - even though she didn't get her passport until she was 21. Despite having only been abroad on a short trip once, she boarded a plane to China at 22 with just a backpack, a dog & $1,000. She managed to parlay her meagre savings and (mostly) her ability to speak English, into living and traveling abroad for the last 20 years. Her passport is so full she had to have extra pages added, thrice. Finally, after teaching English in China, nannying for Oligarchs in Russia, and going to pastry school in France, she has settled into her leadership role since the arrival of Atlas & Indy.


Jonny, JJ, Ax, hails from the UK, along the banks of the River Thames. Having lived in London for a lot of his adult life, he moved to Sydney, and then to Shanghai in the pursuit of as varied a life as possible. Having met Meg out in China, the adventures really started to take shape. The Mongol Rally, the Mototaxi Junket, Shaohair, Eurhair and Safhair - the trips kept coming thick & fast. Having hung up his laptop quite a few years ago (in a work sense at least), it's now time to see as much of the world as possible, before the funds run dry, and he resorts to spending his days regaling stories to disinterested grandkids...


Our resident artist, card shark and all round smiley being, Atlas brings the joy to the Hairventures team. From only a few months old, he was bundled into one of our first motorhomes, and spent a couple of months traveling around England, Scotland and Wales. After hearing very few complaints from him, we decided he was ready, so he then spent the first 2 years of his life, traversing Europe and Asia in our main RV. What a kid!


Indy is the final piece to the Hairventures jigsaw, and the brains of the operation. He likes nothing better than playing with his calculator, or telling us the time on his watch. Looks can be deceiving with this one - underneath that 'butter wouldn't melt' image, lies the steely determination of a future world leader. At the moment he's still finding his traveling boots, but so far he's willing to go with the flow, bringing along his chat, singing, dancing and humour.